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Discerning Godly from faux.

Meditate on 2 Kings 4:8-37

There are so many good looking, satisfying things in this world that are so damaging for you. Sometimes I wonder, the tree of knowledge must of looked mighty tantalizing and appealing for Eve to have defied God. The repercussions of that flesh led decision were devastating, consequences of which we are still living out today. We are always so quick to cast stones at Eve for that impulsive act but the truth is we too make decisions with long lasting ramifications without a Holy Spirit pause. Our authentication process has been downsized to a quick run through of our feelings. It looks pleasing, sounds good, feels right so it must be legit.

On a daily we are bombarded with fakes trying to pass up as the real deal. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve come across relationships that look perfect and happy on social media, while in real life they’re on the verge of divorce. People are more determined to portray happiness instead of living it out. Men and women on YouTube so well polished, making it seem like they’re lives are perfect, when the bitter truth is many of them are miserable. All we see is what they put out, the happy snip its of their life and yet we sigh and long for a complete fallacy.

Unfortunately, the world has seeped into the church and many righteous looking people are anything but godly, making it very difficult to tell the wheat apart from the tares. As Christian singles it’s imperative to have discernment because the counterfeit is very hard to detect. The enemy has perfected it’s trickery and it’s almost seamless if seen with human eyes. But God is calling you to see with your spiritual eyes and identify what others cannot. He has given you the Holy Spirit and through Him the ability to discern the Godly and weigh their motives.

In 2 Kings 4, the Shunammite woman distinguished the man of God. She perceived he was of God and proceeded to open her home to him. Would you be able to discern a godly person from a faux? Sounds easy but when put to the test many have failed and end up dating or even marrying this pretend individual. God warns us about wolves in sheep’s clothing and how to tell them apart. Sadly, many claim to desire Godly but settle for less because it looks pleasing, sounds good and feels right instead of relying on God’s fool proof detection process. The Word of God is precise, “By their fruit you will recognize them”. (Matthew 7:16)

I’ve heard so many young women say, “he’s not close to God now but he’ll change”. I’ve been married for 20 years and I’m still praying and waiting on my husband to desire God. Are you willing to endure and wait for that change? Listen to God when He says, you will know who belongs to me, who is legit, who is worthy of your time and of your heart by their fruit! He’s warning you because He doesn’t want you to waste your time on fruitless relationships when you could be enjoying His best harvest. Ask the Lord to help you discern and lead your spirit to fruitful people who will help enhance your walk with Christ and growth in Him.

Discernment takes a level of spiritual muscle. If you are lukewarm, dabbling in the world and playing with fire, your discernment will be off and most definitely inaccurate. Spiritual discernment requires alignment with God so you’re able to hear His voice and heed His warnings. It calls for intimacy with Christ to sense his leading and clearly know when He confirms or denies a person. Seek the Lord daily to exercise and strengthen your spiritual muscles. Pray daily to sharpen your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and stay in in tune with Him. Remember, not everyone who says, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. Don’t be mesmerized by their biblical knowledge and seek God for confirmation. He will show you hidden things and thwart the enemy’s plan to yoke you up with someone who will slow your growth or worse, lead you astray.

In my years in ministry I’ve heard men and women say, “I just can’t find a godly good looking person”. If you find yourself pining and desiring the ungodly, it’s time to get on your knees and ask the Lord to change your preferences. Submit to the Lord your desires and he will align you with His heart. God is awesome like that! There’s nothing too hard for Him. The Shunammite woman recognized, welcomed and honored the Godly. In return the Lord rewarded her with a son and a once in a life time encounter with God’s resurrection power. Trust Him and he will reward your life greatly too.

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