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God is waiting on you

This is love for God; to obey his commands. ” (1 John 5:3)

Waiting is never pleasurable. It’s not in our human nature to wait. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit not the flesh so that explains our impetuous ways. We rush God or even worse, take matters into our own hands and impulsively make decisions that lead us in circles instead of the desired outcome. God’s timing is one of those things I think we will never understand. His way of doing things tend to make sense after the fact but never during. So, why is the Lord taking so long?

The Lord does not waste time. In Genesis we see His impeccable time management skills in the beginning of it all. He scheduled everything out when creating earth and everything in it. In Ecclesiastes we read how God has a time for everything and a season for everything under heaven. He is a timely God of order. His delay isn’t a waste of time nor is it his desire to punish you by denying your request. His reasons are always way more powerful and valid than you can ever imagine.

Have you been praying for something for a while but God hasn’t answered? Perhaps, this question has cast a shadow of doubt on your heart because as you see it, you’ve been doing everything right. You go to church, pray, read the bible and honor him with your life and nothing. Why the delay? Your heart might question if He’s even listening? These are valid questions. But the truth of the matter is, following and loving Christ is so much more. Yes all of the above is good for the edification of your spirit but are you actively listening to your Shepherd’s voice. Could it be that you’ve been so focused on doing that you’ve neglected to listen? You’re waiting on God but perhaps God is waiting on you to listen and obey.

Last year after much prayer the Lord moved my family to a new church. The move didn’t make sense because there was no youth group ministry. Having three teenagers a youth group was of great importance to me. I remember questioning God, “Lord why this church? They don’t have a youth group.” About a year later the Pastor approaches me with an offer to become the church administrator. I was attending the church but I had no intentions of making it our permanent home. The offer was perplexing, “why would God ask me to do this? Has he not heard my desire of a youth group for my kids?” After praying I decided to obey the Lord. His leading didn’t make sense but I said yes. A few weeks later during a leadership meeting the Pastor looks at me and says, “Since you graciously decided to volunteer as our church administrator, the person who once held that position will now be our new youth group leader. We will now have a youth group ministry”. Immediately I felt the Lord speak into my heart, “your obedience ushered your breakthrough”.

Is there something God has asked you to do but you haven’t obeyed? Perhaps he’s waiting for you to serve or acknowledge him with your time. Maybe there’s a relationship he’s waiting for you to let go of or he’s asked you to forgive someone and you haven’t obeyed. That little thing could be the one thing He’s waiting on, to usher your much awaited breakthrough. You might be thinking, “I have no idea if God is waiting on me to do something”. Pray, “Lord what have you told me to do that I’m not doing?” He will give you clear revelation and guide you because He’s a loving a Father. Have you not listened out of fear? Obey Him through the fear and watch Him give you the strength to succeed. Have you ignored the call for lack of resources. Obey him and watch Him provide abundantly. Have you brushed it off because you think you’re incapable? Obey and watch God work through you and exceed your expectations. What ever your excuse may be, obey and watch God blow your mind. Don’t delay anymore, God awaits your obedience. Your obedience will unlock the future!

2 thoughts on “God is waiting on you

  1. Exactly what I needed to hear,I have been afraid all along therefore delaying God’s purpose for my life,thank you for this is an eye opener.


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