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Obedience opens the door to God’s Blessings

Rahab is known as the prostitute who hid two Israelite spies and protected them from being captured. But did you know she was Boaz’s mother? God turned her life around as a result of her brave actions. She went on to marry and birth a son who grew up to be known as an honorable godly man. To date, Christian Single women everywhere refer to Boaz as, “I’m waiting for my Boaz”. Rahab opened the door and said yes I’ll help you and honored God through her bold obedience. In return God honored and blessed her future and forever linked her name to Jesus by including her in his genealogy. Wow! God did that for a woman with a tattered past. Perhaps many shunned her because of her life choices but God saw beyond that, he saw her faithful heart. It was so evident how her obedience opened the door to God’s blessings. 
God is constantly calling us to do things to further his purpose in our lives but many times we hesitate out of fear? We bow out but God wants us to work through the fear because his power is made perfect in our weakness. Fear is the fruit of unbelief which is disobedience. We delay God’s blessing when we choose to enter into agreement with fear over believing and activating God’s truth. Countless times we say, “I’ll do it later” and that later becomes never. Procrastination and laziness are a passive form of disobedience. We allow distractions to get in the way of what God is commanding us to do and stop our forward motion then wonder, “why is nothing happening”. Whatever is standing in the way of our Yes needs to be rebuked in the Name of Jesus and done away with once and for all. God is good and wants to bless us abundantly but He is asking for diligence, faithfulness and action. Obedience alters the course of our life. That is profound! Lets commit and listen to our Shepherds voice. He’s calling us to action. Time is short and the harvest is plenty. In the Name of Jesus banish fear, distractions, procrastination and delay no more. Lets be proactive and say, “Yes Jesus! Use me Lord to further your Kingdom!” Believing with all our hearts that our yes today will bless our future and generations to come.

“But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children’s children of those who are faithful to his covenant, of those who obey his commandments!” (Psalms 103:17-18)

Written By: Shayla Ortiz

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