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Waiting in Anticipation

“When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.” – (Isaiah 60:22)
I am in my 30’s and still waiting to be united with the man God designed to be my husband. To be honest, it’s not easy. There were (and still are) times I feel discouraged wondering if there is such a guy who will notice me, in spite of my physical condition — I walk with crutches. But in all these years of waiting, despite the pain, I am amazed how God helps me see things through his eyes.

Waiting and praying is not easy. Tired at one point I came to say, “it’s okay for me to be single if it’ll glorify you God.” But it’s in those times (to be exact I had that thought for months), that God surprised me as he slowly shifted my attention from the longing and my brokenness to His amazing plan of using me — and bringing me to greater heights.

It took a missions trip to my mom’s hometown to finally get me settled on how I should pray for His best and myself. It took a spiritual encounter with the Lord to once again remind me of my desire of serving in a bigger field. To be honest it’s scary. It was then that He made me see both my strength and vulnerabilities — most especially the possibilities He can provide. It was also at this moment that I realized that the things I once prayed for in a mate were based on a longing to have someone to help me rather than God’s bigger plan, which is to use me for His glory. I also saw how he continuously preserved me and saved me from relationships that would have caused me to shift my service to a field not meant for me to serve at all. That thought alone blew me away! I would have missed out on the joy of service.

Despite the pain of waiting, He constantly renews my strength and helps me see things in a different light. I’ve seen His faithfulness not only in preserving me but making me into a new woman day by day. During moments of discouragement, God has showed me that it’s not a woman’s beauty nor her achievements that God’s best chooses his spouse, but by His Grace.
Yes, everything by His grace alone. The new things I prayed for in a husband — His standards set for me — is all by His grace which surprised me most. These are both higher than the ones I once prayed for yet more practical for me. It’s both scary yet humbling knowing I may be unworthy of this man but it is only by God’s grace that I will be this man’s helpmate — and not just a wife. The most amazing thing is that along with these new standards came an affirmation and a desire to serve God in a bigger mission field.

Sometimes, we face waiting and its pain. We focus on the loneliness and on the longing to have someone. We forgot that the waiting is also a season God designed for us — a gift we need to cherish and use wisely. It’s where we get to discover more of ourselves; how God designed us and how God can use us. The waiting was never meant to harm us but rather to allow the Lord to use it to empower us in becoming the person He has designed us to be. It is in the waiting and allowing God to move in our life that ignites us… and positions us to meet someone on the same path we have been set upon to grow and work along with us. I’m single and in my 30’s, I praise God for this waiting season… anticipating the next time He will once again ignite me and use me greatly despite my physical limitations and fears.

To the woman reading this, I pray you also experience the excitement of the Lord and for you to acknowledge the Lord as He pursues you. No, there’s no need for you to seek this excitement from a guy. Surely when the time comes God will present you to the one he designed to be your mate. At that moment you will understand that no man can complete,ignite and stir like God can. It will be effortless and it will inspire and encourage others too. Continue to pursue God in your waiting and serve His Kingdom, as you wait on God’s best.

Written by: Jenny Jimenez

 Jen is a Filipina online content writer, a watercolor and calligraphy   artist, but most especially a digital missionary. She’s a PWD who l   loves to travel and claims more possibilities that can only be  a   achieved through God’s grace.

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